Shanghai strives to create artificial intelligence innovation ecology and help Shanghai build AI highland
2019-04-26 10:05

On the afternoon of April 25, SAIL set sail for Shanghai artificial intelligence development alliance to launch the founding ceremony, the 2019 world artificial intelligence innovation competition launch ceremony, Shanghai's first artificial intelligence pilot application scene release ceremony was held in Changyang Chuanggu, Shanghai. Zhang Ying, chief engineer of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Zhao Liang, deputy district director of Yangpu District, Wu Jianxiong, chairman of Yiliang Group, the main sponsor of the Shanghai artificial Intelligence Development Alliance, Jiang Changjun, Convenor of the Shanghai artificial Intelligence Strategic expert Committee and president of Donghua University, Shi Wenjun, deputy inspector of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and director of the Municipal Economic and Informatization Development Research Center, attended the event and witnessed the release of the activities.  

Launch the establishment of Shanghai artificial Intelligence 

Development Alliance to build a new highland of intelligent  development with the joint efforts of the industry  

In order to further gather global artificial intelligence talents, break through key core technologies, promote the demonstration and application of artificial intelligence, and speed up the construction of the national artificial intelligence development highland, under the guidance of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Under the guidance of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Yidi Group, SAIC Group, Shanghai Electric, Pudong Development Bank, Guotai Junan, Pacific Insurance, Zhangjiang Group, Lingang Group, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Unicom, Baidu, Tencent, iFLYTEK, Shang Tang Technology, Yitu Technology, Shenzhen Science and Technology, Youzheng, Zhizhen Intelligence, first Pacific Science and Technology Group, Microsoft Institute of Asian Research (Shanghai), ABB and other 22 units (ranking first and last), Jointly initiated the establishment of the Shanghai artificial Intelligence Development Alliance. According to reports, after the establishment of the alliance, the alliance will further expand its member units, and will widely absorb artificial intelligence technology, industry, applications, research, investment and financing and other innovative chains of enterprises and institutions to join the whole country and even the world. Continue to do strong and practical work related to artificial intelligence in Shanghai.

In recent years, in order to implement the national artificial intelligence strategy and build a new high ground for the high quality development of artificial intelligence, Shanghai has issued a number of documents, such as "measures for speeding up the implementation of the high quality development of artificial intelligence." The effect of artificial intelligence industrial cluster is obvious. According to relevant statistics, there are more than 1000 core enterprises of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, ranking in the first echelon in the country. Microsoft, Amazon, BAT, iFLYTEK and other industry leaders have laid out in Shanghai, such as Shangtang, Cambrian, Yunfu, Horizon, Yunzhaisheng, Dadadan and other unicorn enterprises have landed and developed. Local artificial intelligence enterprises, such as Tutu, Zhizhen, Youzheng, Shenlan, Xuxue, fluency, and so on, have accelerated their growth; start-ups such as polar chain, Tulin, Xizi, Flinhara, Krypton letter, Hubo, and so on have grown rapidly. At present, Shanghai has initially formed a development pattern led by Xuhui Binjiang, Pudong Zhangjiang and other key innovation demonstration areas, Yangpu, Changning, Minhang, Jing'an and other regional linkag

Unveil the first batch of artificial intelligence pilot application scenarios to cultivate new momentum of intelligent economy with innovative applications  

Shanghai is a super-large city with a population of 24 million. It is a natural test ground for artificial intelligence applications because of its dense flow of people, logistics, car flow, capital flow and information flow. According to the city artificial intelligence application scene construction implementation plan, promote AI new technology, new products, new model in Shanghai to take the lead, create a new situation of the application of 100 flowers in all fields of intelligent city. Since December 12 last year, Shanghai has taken the lead in releasing the implementation plan for the construction of artificial intelligence application scenarios throughout the country. Through the "uncover" mechanism, the first batch of AI solutions for more than 10 areas and 19 specific points around the world have been attracted. After the docking of supply and demand, field evaluation, scheme competition, expert evaluation, a total of 12 specific scenarios including AI+ school, hospital, community, park, transportation, government affairs, finance and other directions were selected. These scenes will be based on the international highest standards and the best level, with artificial intelligence enabling economic and high quality development, citizens' high quality of life, and the safe and efficient operation of the city as the basic starting point. In the whole country, we will take the lead in building a new bright spot of intelligent city characterized by the deep application of AI.

At present, the solicitation notification of the second batch of artificial intelligence application scenario requirements has been issued, and the solution will also be solicited synchronously. This collection focuses on medical care, education, urban management, business circle and cultural tourism and other 10 areas, 34 specific directions. We should not only directly attack social hotspots and emphasize the application of people's livelihood, but also achieve full coverage of one, two, three industries, especially let the industrial and agricultural fields insert the wings of "intelligence +" and strive to solve the problems of "old, small, old, and far away." It is reported that by 2020, Shanghai will form 60 AI in-depth application scenarios and 6 innovative application demonstration areas, and make every effort to cultivate new momentum of the intelligent economy.

Launch the World artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition to create a New Intelligent Ecology in Shanghai with the platform of the event  

 At the meeting, as an important activity in the development of ecological construction of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, the 2019 World artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (AIWIN) was officially launched. In addition, as an important award for WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference), the SAIL (Super AI Leader) Award for Outstanding artificial Intelligence has also been launched at the same time. According to reports, the World artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (AIWIN) has been highly valued in the industry since it was first founded by WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) last year. Last year, more than 500 teams from more than a dozen countries participated in the competition. This year's competition continues to continue the concept of high-standard, professional, international and market-oriented competition, focusing on the four major themes of medical treatment, finance, transportation and industry, and setting up two special technical challenges: driverless and robotics. And covering four themes of the comprehensive scene application competition, and will link the top industry enterprises, well-known colleges and universities, international innovation institutions and other supporting activities focusing on AI talent training, focusing on the development of AI enterprises and other supporting activities.

   Through the competition, Shanghai will explore the formation of a long-term artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem, and rely on the brand effect of the competition, further gather the resources of enterprises and experts, and strengthen the professional, high-end and international influence of the event. Gradually explore the formation of "government guidance, enterprise operation, academic interaction" pattern, to create a new intelligent Shanghai ecology.

Launched the establishment of artificial intelligence development alliance, solicited artificial intelligence application scene, opened AIWIN contest, around the opportunity of WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference), Shanghai artificial intelligence industry ecology has formed a closed loop. New ideas and new methods are being used to ensure the steady and orderly development of artificial intelligence, and to attack the new heights of the development of artificial intelligence, which is the leading artificial intelligence in the country.