World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 Announces Its First Batch of Diamond Partners
2019-08-06 11:13

With launch of the 30-day Countdown 2019 WAIC Partners Going Public and the Flag-granting Ceremony for Volunteers, the relevant WAIC partners were announced for the first time. The first batch of diamond partners in this conference are two, namely, Fosun and YITU Tech. (Ranked according to the first letter of the full name of the enterprise)




Fosun is rooted in China, committing itself to the fields of health, happiness and affluence. Under the guidance of science and technology, and by continuous innovation, Fosun is able to create a satisfactory C2M (Customer-to-Manufacturer) ecosystem, provide high-quality products and services for global household customers. Fosun was founded in 1992, and Fosun International (00656.HK) was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. As of 31 December 2018, Fosun International’s total assets exceeded CNY 638.8 billion (about US$ 93.1 billion), ranking 416th on Forbes Global 2000.


Adhering to the strategy of science-based innovation, Fosun further deepens the research and development of intelligent technology such as knowledge graph, image recognition, software and hardware integration, and promotes the layout of AI-aided diagnosis, surgical navigation, and medical-level intelligent health devices. The company integrates medical services, medical devices, chronic disease management and health insurance to form a closed-loop ecosystem, and constructs a "Future Clinic" with one-stop intelligent health solution, thus providing a healthy living to 1 billion families around the world by technology.




Founded in 2012, YITU Tech is a leading AI company in the world. The company is committed to innovation-based research and has reached a globally leading position in the fields of AI algorithms (such as computer vision, natural-language understanding and voice recognition), AI chip technology, AI medical, pharmaceutical and other applications. YITU Tech has independently developed the world’s first cloud-based vision intelligent chip Questcore™, ushering in the era of combining algorithm design with chip design, making it the first AI company to hold the basic Hash Rate and high-end algorithms in hand at the same time.


YITU Tech is dedicated to empowering the industries development by AI technology, as well as serving the security, medical, financial, park, retail industries and more. It is the only AI company in China that has the ability to provide super-large intelligent operation and management technology for a city of 100 million population under complex environment.


This conference will invite front-end enterprises around the world from the AI field to present a brand-new AI pioneering event to all visitors. In the three-day schedule, there will be highlights and surprises every day. Let’s take a bite of the global wisdom and vision the future together!