The First Batch of Platinum Partners of World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 Go Public
2019-08-13 14:19

With launch of the 30-day Countdown 2019 WAIC Partners Going Public and the Flag-granting Ceremony for Volunteers, the relevant WAIC partners were announced for the first time. The first batch of platinum partners in this conference totals 9, namely, CloudMinds, Mininglamp, CC Intelligence, COLMO, Shanghai Data Exchange Corp., CloudWalk, Xiaoi Robot, DeepBlue Technology and Wonders Information. (Ranked according to the first letter of the full name of the enterprise)


CloudMinds is a cloud-based intelligent robot operator. Founded in March 2015 by Mr. Huang Xiaoqing (Bill Huang), former CTO of UTStarcom, former president of China Mobile Research Labs, CloudMinds focuses on the research and development of cloud-based intelligent robots, and is committed to the realization of large-scale convergent intelligent machine learning and operation platform, secure high-speed network, service robots and other intelligent devices. CloudMinds has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Taiwan, Silicon Valley and Tokyo.

At present, CloudMinds is providing professional robot operation services for customers from various industries. It has provided integrated solutions of cloud-based guest-welcoming robots, security robots, intelligent cleaning robots, retail robots and so on. In addition, based on the technological and prospective Mobile-intranet Cloud Service (MCS) architecture independently owned by CloudMinds, it can provide corporate customers with Cloud-based Intelligent Terminal Solutions integrating cloud, Internet and terminal to help them achieve secure and intelligent IT/ law enforcement/ government administration, cloud-based intelligent services (such as AI Object Detection) and many others.


Mininglamp, a leading one-stop enterprise-level AI product and service platform in China, is committed to exploring the application of new generation AI technology to industries with high knowledge and management complexity. Mininglamp excels at data processing, analysis, research and judgment and knowledge graph construction. At present, there are applicable solutions in finance, industry, public security, intelligent analysis and decision-making, enterprise data center, advertising evaluation and service industry, etc.

In 2018, Mininglamp established Mininglamp Academy of Sciences, focusing on the research of big data and AI, aiming at promoting the development of the frontier AI technology in the industry, providing scientific basis and technical support for the “big AI” strategy, and facilitating government agencies and enterprises to realize intelligent computing and knowledge-based services.

CC Intelligence  

Founded in 2006, Shanghai CC Intelligence Technology Development Co., Ltd. focuses on pattern recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and achieves world-leading level in STR, AI, image processing and automatic image enhancement. Core products such as CamCard is downloaded for more than 320 million times worldwide, CamScanner is downloaded for more than 370 million times worldwide, and Qixin platform integrates 60 billion enterprise credit data of more than 700 dimensions from 180 million enterprises in China. From 2015 to the first half of 2017, CC Intelligence’s market share and revenue increased by more than 100% year on year.


CC Intelligence ranks seventh among SMEs in Shanghai, and has been awarded titles such as “Small Giant Fostering Enterprise”, “High-tech Enterprise” and “Patent Demonstration Enterprise”. CC Intelligence has also been selected as “Top 1000 Innovative Enterprises in China”, “Top 50 Big Data Enterprises in China”, “Top 100 Data Intelligent Ecology List in 2018” and won awards such as “Innovative Enterprises of the Year of China Finance”, “Best Solution for Big Data Financial Industry”.


COLMO is a high-end AI technology household appliances brand. It was officially released in Mont Blanc, Europe on 19 October 2018. With its “cutting-edge technology” and “rational aesthetics”, COLMO leads the innovation of the times. Relying on Silicon Valley Technology Center as the frontier of scientific and technological research, COLMO integrates AI core technology into high-end household appliances, promotes the household appliances industry to enter the era of “humanized interaction”; and relying on Milan Frontier Design Center to give the “rational aesthetics” keynote to the COLMO brand. With the brand essence of “Born Extraordinary” and the brand concept of “science and technology serving the source of life, design releasing rational space”, COLMO gathers the wisdom of the world’s leading technology and high-end manufacturing, bringing AI technology household appliances with both excellent quality and self-learning ability to consumers.

At present, COLMO has BLANC series products, providing users with living room, bathroom and kitchen integrated solutions. 20 globally innovative technologies are applied to BLANC series products, including AI technologies from Silicon Valley such as the first use of cameras and in-depth learning algorithms. The products have been certified by the international wool mark in the professional field, as well as won iF, Red Dot Design Award, etc.

COLMO will lead the innovation of science and technology, penetrate into the needs of users, provide consumers with the most intelligent, future-oriented new series of high-end household appliances, and open a new life of science and technology-based human settlements.

Shanghai Data Exchange Corp.  

Shanghai Data Exchange Corp. is a digital hub enterprise approved by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. As an important functional organization in the five-in-one planning and layout of Shanghai Big Data Development, i.e. Trade Institution + Innovation Base + Industrial Fund + Development Alliance + Research Center, it undertakes the important functions of promoting business data flow, inter-regional cooperation and data interconnection, government data and business data integration and application.

Shanghai Data Exchange Corp. has constructed a compliant and effective network carrier - “digital networking”, which can collect massive data from multiple sources, effectively connect each data island, and provide important data support for the AI application and development. “National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Circulation and Transaction Technology” and “Shanghai Big Data Application Innovation Project” undertaken by Shanghai Data Exchange Corp. can effectively organize business data, government administration data and city perception data, and construct the Data Lake system. Through the penetration of AI technology to data in various fields of Data Lake, the supporting software of “AI +” industry data set, tool set and application set is formed, which can deeply empower the key application fields of AI such as medical treatment, transportation, finance and so on.


CloudWalk has been incubated from Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. CloudWalk has been entrusted to participate in the formulation of AI national standards and industry standards, and has become the first AI enterprise to undertake the construction tasks of national major projects such as the National Development and Reform Commission’s AI basic platform, application platform and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s chip platform.


At the same time, CloudWalk has attracted and possesses the world’s best talents. Its core technologies have won the laurel for 10 times in the international intelligent perception field and 158 POC Championships in the industry, with the winning rate reaching 78.4%.

CloudWalk’s business covers finance, security, civil aviation, retail and the like. Through the industry-leading integrated solutions of AI, cognitive computing and big data technology, CloudWalk has served 147,000 business outlets of 400 banks, the public security bureaus of 31 provincial administrative regions, more than 60 airports, achieving an average of 216 million times of face recognition per day, 30,000 results in public security, and serving more than 2 million passengers per day at airports.

Xiaoi Robot  


Xiaoi Robot is a leading AI technology company, focusing on the independent research and development of cognitive intelligence related technologies and industry-based applications. Based on the core AI technologies, such as multilingual natural language processing, deep semantic interaction, voice recognition and machine learning, a diversified solution and well-grounded service system for enterprises in such fields as services, finance, government administration, medical treatment, manufacturing have been formed, which empowers thousands of government and corporate customers and business partners as well. As an industry promoter, Xiaoi Robot continues to invest in ecological construction, enables hundreds of thousands of developers through the open platform, and promote the development of AI industry with continuous technological innovation and large-scale commercial application.  

DeepBlue Technology  

Founded in 2014, DeepBlue Technology is a leading AI enterprise with rapid growth. As a platform-based world-class AI Maker, it has a wide range of layout in such fields as intelligent travel, intelligent environment and AI CITY. Based on the idea of “AI Serves People’s Livelihood”, DeepBlue is committed to basic research and application development of AI. Relying on the core technologies of computer vision, biological intelligence and cognitive intelligence independently owned itself, DeepBlue won the championship in many top computer competitions in the world, such as PAKDD, IEEE ISI, CVPR and SIGIR.  

Wonders Information  

Wonders Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wonders Information”, stock code: 300168) was established in December 1995. Since its establishment 24 years ago, Wonders Information has always adhered to the purpose of “let informatization create a better life for people”. It has created one after another industry informatization benchmark, and the results have benefited hundreds of millions of people. As a “key software enterprise within national planning and layout” and a leading enterprise in China’s smart cities, Wonders Information is the first enterprise in China to pass CMMI5 certification (the highest level of software capability maturity model). It has undertaken several national science and technology research projects such as “Core Electronic Devices, High-end Universal Chips and Basic Software Products” and “863”, participated in the formulation of national standards for industry-based informatization, and possessed many software intellectual property rights and patents. We will fully integrate the new generation information technology such as Internet, cloud computing, big data and various industries to make the industry more intelligent and the service more convenient. We always adhere to the principle that “people’s yearning for a better life is our goal”, and strive to build a smart city and a smart society.

This conference will invite front-end enterprises around the world from the AI field to present a brand-new AI pioneering carnival to all visitors. In the three-day schedule there will be highlights and surprises every day. Let’s take a bite of the global wisdom and vision the future together!