Kai-fu Lee confirms his attendance at 2019WAIC
2019-08-19 13:35

  The WAIC 2019 has entered the countdown for 11 days, and the guest lineup of the current WAIC Main Forum is also being announced. As a pioneer in the field of AI, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the current Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures have confirmed his attendance.  


Kai-fu Lee

Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures


From Carnegie Mellon University, Google, Microsoft to Sinovation Ventures, from AI scientists to angel investors, the relationship between Kai-Fu Lee and AI can be traced back a long time ago. Especially since the establishment of Sinovation Ventures in 2009, Kai-Fu Lee has been insisting on in-depth research on AI.


Become attached to AI and change the world with AI+ products

In the 1980s, Kai-Fu Lee, who was pursuing a doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University, participated in the largest speech recognition project led by his mentor Raj Reddy, and opened the story of AI.

For the academic community that had not yet achieved data standardization, the small amount of data was a very deadly problem for AI research. In order to solve the problem of data resources and computing power, the project team planned to use the mainstream research method of "expert system" to complete. Kai-Fu Lee took a different approach and got inspiration from the statistical concept of the Othello man-machine game. He insisted that the use of statistical methods and the establishment of large databases may solve problems that cannot be solved by expert systems. Despite the contradiction with mainstream research methods, Kai-Fu Lee's idea has been encouraged by Professor Raj Reddy and supported him to practice boldly.


The contents of Kai-Fu Lee’s Ph.D. graduation design were the world's first speaker-independent continuous speech-recognition system”. The system could solve the speech recognition problem of unspecified linguists, big lexicon, and continuous recognition. This achievement was the top scientific achievement in the computer field at that time, and was awarded the "most important scientific innovation award" by Business Week. Kai-Fu Lee, who was only 26 years old at the beginning, made his debut in the AI world.


During his Ph.D., Kai-Fu Lee also developed the "Othello" (Reversi) man-machine game system, and defeated the project's human world champion. The two papers related to the project are published in the top journal of Artificial Intelligence in AI, which was the first time a Chinese author published an article in the journal.


In 1988, the New York Times reported on Kai-Fu's doctoral thesis

In 1987, Kai-Fu Lee graduated with a highest honor from Carnegie Mellon University and acquired his Ph.D. In 1989, he was awarded the Best Paper Award by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Based on previous breakthrough academic achievements, Kai-Fu Lee was looking for new opportunities to change the world with products after entering the industry.

After entering the industry, Kai-Fu Lee had served as an executive of technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google, leading research and development in key technologies such as voice and natural language. During his tenure at Apple, Kai-Fu Lee led the Apple-ISS Collaborative Research Center to develop the world's first Chinese voice input product. The achievements of the team led to Apple's leading position in related fields. During his tenure at Microsoft, Kai-Fu Lee led the team. Participated in the development of server software and internal key technologies (voice, natural language, auxiliary and search technologies, etc.) and founded the world's leading research institute Microsoft China Research Institute (later renamed Microsoft Asia Research Institute); as Google's global vice president and president During the president of China Region, the elite team led by Kai-Fu Lee had opened the door to the Chinese market with Google products.

Maintain originality to promote the development of AI+ industry for a life time.

With the tightening of the traditional Internet industry dividend, the AI+ industry has become the “window” of the new era. In 2009, Kai-Fu Lee left Microsoft to create a venture capital institution focused on technology investment and business transformation. Although Sinovation Ventures was a VC in nature, Kai-Fu Lee did not change his mind and continue to pay attention to and promote the development of AI talents and industry.

Since its inception, Sinovation Ventures has initiated and promoted a series of AI events and training programs such as “Global AI Challenge AI Challenger” and “AI Training Camp DeeCamp”, and with Peking University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of California at Berkeley. Carnegie Mellon University and many other domestic and foreign first-class institutions have extensive academic exchanges and technical cooperation, and vigorously promote the cultivation of AI talents and technical tempering, and contribute to the Chinese business community.


Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures

In September 2016, Sinovation Ventures established the AI Engineering Institute. Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures Dr. Kai-fu Lee was the dean of the Institute and explored the combination of technology and business value with renowned engineers and top scientists from the world's top institutions. In addition, Sinovation Ventures AI Engineering Institute has created a unique AI Infusion model, leading the “VC+AI” venture capital model, focusing on promoting the AI ecosystem in talent training, data open source construction, and promoting the development of AI in scientific research and business, and the efficient transformation of AI research results into industrial practice.

At present, under the leadership of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the Sinovation Ventures has managed a total of more than 10 billion RMB dual-currency funds, and the total number of projects involved in the investment has accumulated more than 350. Through AI empowerment, the future competitiveness of traditional industries and innovative enterprises has been continuously improved. It has brought high performance returns to investors and promoted a new wave of entrepreneurship in China. Dr. Kai-Fu Lee himself has won many honors such as “Zhongguancun High-end Leading Innovative Talents”, Brand China Top Ten Figures, 25 Technology Leaders in Technology Promotion in the Century, 2018 Asian Business Leader Awards, and more than 50 million global active supporters on social networks.

What is the future development trend of AI? How will it affect technology, business and social life? As a senior scientist in AI, we look forward to Dr. Kai-Fu Lee to bring the most cutting-edge insights into the development of the global AI industry at the forthcoming WAIC 2019.